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( Taken from the Bordon Herald )

Whitehill and Bordon now have a dedicated Heritage-Project officer, thanks to a £10,000 Heritage Lottery grant.

The Woolmer Forest Heritage Society has appointed Dr Anne Sassin to help it to promote the heritage of Whitehill and Bordon through site visits, training and workshops.

On top of this, Dr Sassin will work with community volunteers and organise "Heritage Days" and other events.

Society chairperson Dr Chris Wain said:-
     "We are delighted that Dr Anne Sassin has agreed to work with the Woolmer Forest Heritage Society to promote our image so that current residents and newcomers to the area will be able to connect with the past and feel a sense of belonging"

The project is aimed at promoting the town's heritage during its regeneration.

Ms Sassin said:-
     "The Woolmer Forest has a wealth of heritage from prehistory to the 20th Century which needs to be both protected and promoted among the local community."

Ms Sassin continued
     "The first step of this process is to raise awareness and appreciation of the unique sites and artefacts, and we hope to work closely with the residents and developers of the Whitehill and Bordon area to achieve this end."

Stuart McLeod, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund for the South East said:-
     "Sharing Heritage (a Heritage Lottery Fund grant) is a wonderful opportunity for communities to delve into their local heritage and we are delighted to be able to offer this grant 'To Protect Our Heritage into the Town's Regeneration' (the name of the Heritage Society's project) can embark on a real journey of discovery"

Stuart went on to say:-
     "Heritage means different things to different people and Heritage Lottery funding offers a wealth of opportunities for groups to explore and celebrate what is important to them in their area."

Ms Sassin can be noted for:-

  • BA in "Classical Archaeology and Anthropology" from the University of North Carolina in the USA
  • MA in "Medieval Archaeology" from the University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Doctorate in "Philosophy and Archaeology" again from the University of Nottingham
  • An honorary "Research Fellow in Archaeology" at Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Project Coordinator at Surrey Hills "Tales and Trails of the Tillingbourne Valley"
  • Project manager for "Finding Farnham Community Archaeology Project"
  • Co Director of the "Ballachly Research" Project
  • Part-Time "Tutor in Archaeology" at the University of Oxford
    among others.


Woolmer Forest Heritage Society Webmaster says:-
You can visit some of Dr Anne Sassin's previous projects from the links below.

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