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Amherst House

Named after Major General Amherst who was selected to command the expedition to North America ...

Amherst House

Army Cemetery

The original military cemetery was on the west side of the A325 where the Woolmer trading estate...

Army Cemetery
fire brigade

Army Fire Brigade

The Army Fire Station was built in 1906 complete with stabling for three horses. It was manned ...

Army Fire Brigade
fire brigade

Army Built Schools

Two schools were built in Bordon during the 1906 additions. These were a Junior School in Station...

Army Schools
training area

Army Training Area

large tracts of heath land together with some pine woods were bought from the Commission for her...

Army Training Area
bordon railway

Bordon Railway

On 11th December 1905 the Bentley and Bordon Light Railway was opened to passengers...

Bordon Railway

Building of the Garrison

The War Department decided to build new military encampments at two places about five miles apart...

Building of Garrison

Canadian troops in Bordon

British Expeditionary Forces left Bordon and landed in France on 22nd August 1914. They were...

Canadians In Bordon

Church of England Soldiers Institute

The church of england soldiers institute was opened in August 1904 by Princess Alexander of Teck...

C of E Institute
empire club

Empire Club

Many improvements were made to the old Soldier's Club, including the conversion of the dance hall...

The Empire Club

Farewell to Garrison

In 2015 the Army left Bordon. As a celebration of their stay, Bordon held a farewell Festival...

Farewell to Garrison

Hogmoor Inclosure

The inclosure is situated west from the town of Bordon and within the civil parish of Whitehill...

Hogmoor Inclosure
home guard

Home Guard

After the Germans advance on the British Expeditionary Force in Normandy there was a very...

The Home Guard

Louisburg Barracks

Built on the Broxhead estate and was purchased in 1902. Broxhead House was built by Admiral Foley...

Louisburg Barracks

Married Quarters

Major post-War married quarters building programme was carried out during the 1960s, when two...

Married Quarters
mod estate

MOD Estate

Barrack building restarted in 1935 when the old South African type huts in St Lucia and Quebec...

The MOD Estate

Other Army Buildings

Of Martinique House Community Centre, Medical and Dental Centres and Commanders of Bordon...

Other Bordon

Other Army Units

Includes Canadians Army Motor Transport School, Light Infantry Brigade Training Centre...

Other Units
oxney farm

Oxney Farm

Oxney Farm is situated immediately north of the "new" Martinique Barracks and was the training...

Oxney Farm


In 1942 work started on the construction of what is now the Technical Training Area of...


Spigot Mortars

(Update) Read about the history of the WWII Spigot Mortar emplacements found in Bordon and Whitehill...

Spigot Mortars

WW2 Bombs of Bordon

(Update) Read about the WW2 bombs that were dropped on Bordon Whitehill and Longmoor Camp...

Bordons WW2 Bombs

WW2 Bordon Roadblock

(Update) Read about the WW2 Roadblock used to protect Bordon Whitehill and Longmoor Camp...

Bordons Roadblock

Bordon Officers Social Club (BOSC)

Bordon Officers Sports Club, By 1910 the cricket ground and a pavilion were laid out to the north of...

The Sports Club

St Georges & Sacred Heart Churches

St Georges C of E was erected in Budds Lane, where a plaque now marks the spot. The Sacred Heart...

St. Georges Church

Wesleyan Soliders Home

Opened in 1905, 300 yards behind the C. of E. Institute, overlooking a valley of heather and pines...

Soldiers Home

Woolmer Instructional Military Railway

The need for military railways was established during the Crimean War, because the muddy roads from...

Army Railway

VJ Day 1995

To celebrate the 50 Years since the end of the Second World War in the Pacific VJ day events were help in Bordin in 1995...

VJ Day 1995