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Other units arrive

Another unit to move to Bordon on the departure of the Canadians was the newly formed Army Motor Transport School, who in July 1946 moved from Rhyl, North Wales, under the command of Brigadier J S Marsh CBE MC.

The School was formed from the RAC Driving School at Bovington and the pre-war RA and RASC Driving Schools at Woolwich and Feltham respectively.

It was at this time that Bordon reverted to an independent command in the form of a Garrison, with Longmoor under the command of an Officer Commanding Troops, Longmoor.

The Light Infantry Brigade Training Centre also moved into Quebec and St Lucia Barracks sometime after the departure of the Canadians, until in about 1952, under the command of Lt Col J F Snow, Somerset Light Infantry, they moved to Strensall and later to Shrewsbury.

The Depot Battalion RASC, under the command of Lt Col 'Battler' Smith, then moved up from Newton Abbot to occupy Quebec and St Lucia Barracks in the latter part of 1952.

1952 also saw the formation of the Headquarters Army Emergency Reserve REME, who occupied Broxhead House.

In 1967, when the Army Emergency Reserve and the Territorial Army were re-organised into the Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve, HQ AER REME was renamed the Central Volunteer Headquarters REME, and later HQ REME TA. In 1979 they left the rural atmosphere of Broxhead House and moved into Louisburg Barracks.

At the end of the 1950s the units in Bordon began to thin out. In 1959, 44 Ordnance Sub Depot (which by then had changed its name to MT Stores Sub Depot) was disbanded, as also was another RAOC unit, the War Department Laundry on Broxhead Common.

In April 1961 the Junior Leaders Battalion RASC moved from St Lucia Barracks to Norton Manor Camp, Taunton, and 2 1/2 years later, in December 1963 the Depot RASC returned to its pre-War location in Buller Barracks, Aldershot.

Another change which took place during the 1960s, besides the formation of the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering already mentioned, was the disbandment in July 1965 of the Army MT School as an Independent unit. It re-emerged as the MT Wing of the newly formed School of Transport at Longmoor.

By 1977, the Army Personnel Carrier Division of this Wing had gone full circle, for when in that year the Army School of Transport moved to Leconfield in North Humberside, the APC Division remained in Bordon. It became the Infantry Wing of the RAC Centre Driving and Maintenance School at Bovington, one of the units from which the original Army MT School was formed in 1946.