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Other army buildings Martinique House Community Centre Medical and Dental Centres and the Commanders of the Bordon Garrison

Martinique House Community Centre

The gap left by the demolition of the C. of E. Institute and Brownlow hall was partially filled in 1972 when Martinique House, formerly the residence of the officer commanding the unit in the original Martinique Barracks, was converted into a Community Centre, and a large hall added.

Medical and Dental Centres

The original Medical and Dental Centres are now occupied by the Accommodation Stores Accountants and the Thrift Shop, whilst the old Families Clinic houses the staff of the Families Housing and Welfare Service.

New Medical and Dental Centres were built in November 1964 opposite to the Empire Club and were once affectionately known as the 'Mississippi Steamboat' on account of the shape of the building and the steel chimney that used to rise above it.

The Medical and Dental centres are in the process of moving to new accommodation off Budds Lane.

Commanders of Bordon Garrison

In November 1902 the first General Officer (Major General C W H Douglas) was appointed to command Bordon and Longmoor, but in May 1904 the appointment was reduced to the rank of Brigadier General and so continued until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

After the War, Brigadier Generals were down graded to Colonels Commandant.

The first Commander in Bordon to hold this rank was Colonel Commandant A C Daly CB CMG appointed in June 1919, after whom the Daly Football Ground is named.

This rank did not last long, and in November 1927 Brigadier G Thorpe CMG DSO was appointed Commander of Bordon and Longmoor, the rank of Brigadier having been substituted for that of Colonel Commandant.

During the 1939-45 War, Bordon and Longmoor Sub-Area was created, later to be called Bordon Sub-Area, but after the War Bordon reverted to an independent command in the form of a Garrison, with Longmoor under the command of an Officer Commanding Troops.

The first Garrison Commander was Brigadier Marsh, who combined the dual role of Commandant Army MT School and Garrison Commander. This arrangement continued until the disbandment of Hampshire Sub-District in 1968, when Longmoor / Bordon Garrison was created, with the Commandant Army School of Transport as Garrison Commander.

In 1977 when the Army School of Transport moved from Longmoor, Bordon Garrison was created, with Commandant School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering as Garrison Commander.