Woolmer Forest Heritage Society

Bordon and Whitehill History of the Stuarts from 1603AD to 1714AD with Queen Anne watching Deer on Longmoor on the Woolmer Forest

The "Stuarts"
( 1603 - 1714 AD )

The period begins with the accession of James I, which was followed shortly after by the gunpowder plot.

Religious feuding was to divide the nation and ended with the Whig Supremacy and the importation of a protestant monarchy at the "Glorious Revolution" in 1688.

The English Civil Wars (1642-49) raged around this area with major battles at Alton, Basing House, Winchester and Cheriton. It is likely that the polygonal banks and ditches at Walldown, superimposed on a much older earthwork, is part of a Royalist chain of defensive works that run on a line SE of Bentley. In 1710 Queen Anne stopped to review her herds of red deer at Queen's Bank on Woolmer on her way from Southampton to London.

(Artist Impression of Queen Anne watching her Deer)

A stone marks the spot to this day. The red deer were removed to Windsor around 1750 following decimation of the herd by a poaching gang.

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