Woolmer Forest Heritage Society

Bordon and Whitehill Archaeology of Neolithic or New Stone Age 4000 BC to 2300 BC and the burial practices left by those first farmers of the land on the Woolmer Forest

The "Neolithic" also known as "The New Stone Age"
( 4000 - 2300 BC )

This is the period of the first farmers when the wild forest that had developed since the melting of the glaciers began to be cut down. Initially, rather like 'slash and burn' agriculture in the Amazon today, humans had little impact on the environment.

(Artist Impresion of an Early Farmer)

By the later Neolithic, however, parts of the country were becoming cleared and great earth monuments were being erected, such as the long barrow found at Badshot Lea, near Farnham.


(Locally found Neolithic Hand Axes)

In the Bordon/Whitehill area a number of stone implements have been found including leaf-shaped arrowheads and polished flint axes, which indicate the presence of farmers at this period.

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