Woolmer Forest Heritage Society

The Whitehill and Bordon Archaeology of the Iron Age between 700 BC and 43 AD and the Walldown Hillfort on the Woolmer Forest.

The "Iron Age"
( 700BC - 43AD )

This period sees the expansion of farming and the first use of iron for tools and weapons.

By the end of the Iron Age most of the original natural forest has been cleared and animals like wolves, bears and aurochs (wild cattle) are either extinct or have become rare.

Artist impresion of a small hill fort

Graphic Layout of Walldown Iron Age Fort

Large numbers of farmsteads of this period have been recorded from the chalklands of Hampshire, but none are known in the immediate vicinity of Bordon and Whitehill. They must have existed however, as Walldown is probably an Iron Age hillfort established to control and to provide protection for the local population.

People lived in roundhouses, some of which had the same floor area as a modern detached house.

Towards the end of the period coinage was introduced into Britain and trade with the Roman world increased.

(Walldown Dig of 2015)