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Video Guide to Woolmer Pond Cottage on the at Longmoor ranges at Bordon

Video guide to Woolmer Pond Cottage at Longmoor

This is a short video guide on how to find the location of Woolmer Pond Cottage situated on the Longmoor ranges just outside of Bordon.

Thank you to "Chris & Bill Wain" for this video guide
Sorry about the wind noice towards the end

Access to location

Parking is available to the south of the cottage at either just before the Greatham roundabout in the layby or just after on gravel at the entrance to what is known as "Apple Pie" the site of a WWI Army Barracks. Click the map below for details

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More Information

The cottage is about half a mile away from the parking area shown on the map. Cross the road and find the well marked Shipwrights Way footpath and head North towards Bordon. Go past the sinage for the Roman Road and when you get to the old Car Park area turn right till to reach the main perimeter track where you must turn left and the cottage is sign posted on a track to your right.

The perimeter track is also the route of the old longmoor to Bordon Military Railway and while 99.9% of the tracks were lifted back in the 1970's you can still see one or two on the ground near the cottage.