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Video Guide to Roman Road at Longmoor in Bordon on the Woolmer Forest

Video guide to the Roman Road at Longmoor

This is a short video guide on how to find the location of the roman road, that runs between Chichester in Sussex to Silchester in Hampshire, at where it crosses the Longmoor ranges by following the Shipwrights Way just outside of Bordon.

Thank you to "Chris & Bill Wain" for this video guide

Access to location

Parking is available to the south of this location at either just before the Greatham roundabout in the layby or just after on gravel at the entrance to what is known as "Apple Pie" the site of a WWI Army Barracks. Click the map below for details

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More Information

The roman road is easy to follow as it passes in a straight line down Methuen Road on Longmoor camp, across the ranges passing just south of Woolmer Pond and then up the rise, through the woods towards and a little to the east of Keepers Cottage.

For the more adventurous, if you follow the line of the Roman road North West of where it crosses the Shipwrights Way and cross the A325 Petersfield Road to the oppisite verge, look up through the trees and you will be able to see one of the best preserved sections of Roman road as it climbs the incline, with both deep ditches either side, anywhere in the counrty.

From the verge you will also be able to see what is left of what once was Eleven Burial Mounds from the Bronze age along the crest of the hill, overlooking Woolmer Pond body of water as is so often the case for burials of this time.