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The original Hercules statue placed in the Wakes garden by Gilbert White represents which Labour ?

The original Hercules statue had him retrieving the golden apples. The present statue of Hercules has him wearing the skin of the Nemean lion.

What was the fossilised wood found in Woolmer Forest bogs was used for ?

The building of Houses. Bog oak can be stained black and can still be seen in the construction of some local houses

The Priory at Selborne, after 150 years was closed in what year ?

The Priory was closed in 1490 after several of the Priors were found to be more chased than the chaste as they should have been.

When a Bishop visited the Priory in 1300 there was no food to give him, What happend then ?

The Bishop visited the fish ponds and a fish leapt out into his arms. In those days the fish ponds were upstream from the Priory

In St Mary's church. Selborne there are stone coffin lids belonging to ?

The coffin lids belonged to the Knights Templars whos remnants of their Temple are incorporated in the foundations of Temple Manor

In 1746 Woolmer Pond dried up and exposed what ?

When the pond dried out a Roman coin hoard was found. Woolmer Pond is one of the largest ephemeral lakes in Europe. It has no feeder streams and dries up from time to time. The Roman Road from Chichester to Silchester had a bend in it to avoid Woolmer Pond.

What unusual items didGilbert White find when digging the Zig-Zag up the hanger ?

Gilbert White found fossilised bivalve shellfish that still turn up in local gardens from time to time

Gilbert White tells the tale of Edward II and the kitchen boy ?

It is documented in one of the Pipe Rolls that 'when hunting in Woolmer Forest the boy fell off his horse and the king thought it was hilarious, so the boy did it again and the king gave him 100 Pounds

Gilbert White tells that in an ancient custom wood was donated on Midsummer's day to do what ?

Gilbert White wrote 'The farm called Blackmoor, in this parish, is obliged to find the posts and brushwood for Waldon Lodge'. The tradition of building a bower on Walldown is carried on till this day by the Woolmer Forest Heritage Society.

What was done with some of the many pieces of ironstone that were found on the heathlands ?

The setting of stones into mortar 'galleting' minimised the rainwater erosion of the mortar. Scholarship has also suggested that galleting was neither a structural nor an aesthetic practice, but rather a superstitious one in an attempt to protect a building from witches and other evil influences.

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