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Gilbert Whites and his "Natural History of Selborne" Quiz

This is a quiz that takes it's ideas from, what is arguably Gilbert Whites greatest work. "The Natural History of Selbourne" where he was the pastor at "St Mary's" Church.

Rather than studying dead specimens, White observed live birds and animals in their own habitats over many years; creating a "new kind of zoology, scientific, precise and based on the steady accumulation of detail." The Natural History represents a shift to holistic, evidence-based engagement warmed by empathy.

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Through nearly 40 years of observations, White recognised that birds and animals have inner lives. He based his work "Natural History of Selbourne" on accurate (if haphazard) recording of events, classifying, measuring, analysing data, making deductions from observations, and experimenting.

With 2020 being the 300th year since his birth the Woolmer Forest Heritage Society had great plans for his Birthday on 18th of July that have all had to be dropped due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

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