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A guide to the fossil remains of man in the Department of geology and paleontology in the British Museum (1922)
A history of the mental growth of mankind - J. S. Hittell (1879)
A study of the bronze age pottery of Great Britain & Ireland, and its associated grave-goods Vol. 1 - J. Abercromby (1912)
A study of the bronze age pottery of Great Britain & Ireland, and its associated grave-goods Vol. 2 - J. Abercromby (1912)
An introduction to anthropology - a general survey of the early history of the human race - E. O. James (1919)
An introduction to the study of social evolution; the prehistoric period - F. S. Chapin (1913)
Ancient and modern man in Southwestern Asia - H. Field (1956)
Ancient hunters and their modern representatives - W. J. Sollas (1911)
Ancient man in Britain - D. A. Mackenzie (1922)
Ancient Scottish lake-dwellings or crannogs with a supplementary chapter on remains of lake-dwellings in England - R. Munro (1882)
Ancient society or, Researches in the line of human progress from savagery through barbarism to civilization - L. H. Morgan (1877)
Ancient types of man - A. Keith (1911)
Antiquities of Portsmouth and vicinity - G. Hempstead (1875)
Artefacta antiquissima - geology in its relation to primeval man - H. Duckworth (1860)
Cave hunting, researches on the evidence of caves respecting the early inhabitants of Europe - W. B. Dawkins (1874)
Coming of man, pre-man and prehistoric man - G. G. MacCurdy (1930)
Early British trackways - moats, mounds, camps, and sites - A. Watkins (1922)
Early man in Britain and his place in the tertiary period - W. B. Dawkins (1880)
Early man in Europe - C. Rau (1876)
Early steps in human progress - H. Peake (unknown date)
Everyday life in prehistoric times - M. Quenell (1921)
Excavations at Carnac (Brittany) a record of archaeological researches in the alignments of Kermario - J. Miln (1881)
Fossil men - elements of human palaeontology - M. Boule (1923)
Fossil men and their modern representatives, an attempt to illustrate the character and condition of pre-historic men in Europe, by those of the American races - J. W. Dawson (1888)
Grave-mounds and their contents - L. Jewitt (1870)
Human origins - S. Laing (1893)
Humanity in its origins and early growth - E. Colbert (1892)
In the beginning (Les origines) - J. Guibert (1900)
Life-history of our planet - W. D. Gunning (1881)
Man and his forerunners; incorporating accounts of recent discoveries in Suffolk and Sussex - H. Buttell-Reepen (1913)
Man and the glacial period - G. F. Wright (1904)
Man before metals - N. Joly (1902)
Man in the past, present and future; a popular account of the results of recent scientific research as regards the origin, position and prospects of the human race - L. Buchner (1872)
Man, past and present - A. H. Keane (1899)
Man, the primeval savage his haunts and relics from the hill-tops of Bedfordshire to Blackwall - W. G. Smith (1894)
Manners and monuments of prehistoric peoples - J. Nadaillac (1892)
Mastodon, mammoth, and man - J. P. Maclean (1878)
Men of the old stone age - their environment, life and art - H. F. Osborn (1915)
Notes on flint chips and pre-historic phases at Tutnall, near Bromsgrove - W. A. Cotton (1886)
On the class of rude stone monuments - W. C. Lukis (1875)