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By Chris Wain, A talk on the Hampshire Cultural Trust Store for Bones.
This talk will cover the following
1. Check remains are human
- some animals such as bears and seals have similar bones in the hands
2. Number of people buried in the site
- if there are many similar bones there may be several people
3. Preservation state
- this may depend on where the burial site is and its condition
4. Sex
- details in skulls and the pelvis and girls grow faster than boys
5. Age at death
- seen in the ossification of the bones and state of the teeth
6. Stature
- can be calculated by the length of the long bones and a formula
7. Presence of non-metric traits
some people have extra bones such as in six fingered hands
8. Presence of trauma
- accidents may be present and bones may have healed
9. Presence of disease
- many diseases may have permanent effects on bones

October 6th
Paul Burgess will be talking on
"The Whitehill Photographic Glass Plate negatives".

Back in 1999, while lifting the floor boards of a house in Bordon that was being renovated, it was discovered that it was the home of a Bordon Photographer from the turn of the previous century.
We know this because under those floor boards were over 1000, Glass plate, Black and White negatives. An outstanding find.
With the help of a grant, the society was able to get these plates cleaned up, contact printed and scanned into digital format.
Now you will be able to Learn more of their history, how they were taken (and FAKED) and how, just last year, a society member was able to use the latest AI technology to bring out more detail in the images than has ever been seen before, to show them in a whole new light.

November 3rd
Jo Smith will be giving a talk on "Canadians in Bordon".

December 1st
AGM and interactive evening.
Bring in your finds to tell us about them or "Ask an Expert" as to what they think it is.

Forrest Community Centre, Room 5, Pine Hill Road, Bordon, Hampshire. GU35 0BS

There is a small Entry fee to attend these informative talks, that covers refreshments during the mid-way break and is £ 2.00 for Members and £ 3.00 (at the moment) for Non Members

At Our Nov 2018 Meeting

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