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Field Survey in British Archaeology 5.5 MB
Finds from the Frontier - Material Culture in the 4th-5th Centuries 42.7 MB
Fixtures and Fittings in dated houses 1567-1763 Handbook 235.1 MB
Fort Ancient in Warren County - J. G. English 1889 1.7 MB
Fossil men - elements of human palaeontology - M. Boule 1923 35.2 MB
Fossil men and their modern representatives, an attempt to illustrate the character and condition of pre-historic men in Europe, by those of the American races - J. W. Dawson (1888) 15.6 MB
From Primitives to Primates - A history of ethnographic and primatological analogies in the study of prehistory 5.9 MB
flint in focus - Lithic Biographies in the Neolithic and Bronze Age 13.2 MB