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The history of Wayford school and Mill Chase school serving Bordon and Whitehill

Local Schools

Bordon Council School (later named Weyford). This school was opened in Deadwater in 1913 to take 150 children, both boys and girls. It was enlarged in 1926 to take 238 children Later a new Junior School was built on the back and the original took only the infants. In 2013 they celebrated their centenary.

weyford school

Wayford School

On 18th March 1959 on land opposite Weyford infants school, Mill Chase Secondary school was officially opened. When a Gym and swimming pool were added in 1995 it became Mill Chase Community School and in 2015 it was renamed an Academy affiliated to Chichester College

In 2020 / 2021 this school was demolished, and rebuilt on a new site at the bottom end of Budds Lane.

mill chase

(old) Mill Chase School